After School Music Program

Last year’s after school music program was a big success.  The program is being kicked off again this year with members of the Washburn University music faculty visiting elementary schools to help promote the program.  The university faculty presents a short program and talk about the musical instruments they play.  It’s hoped the presentation will get the students excited about music.

The after school music program is open to 4th grade students only.  It gives the students a chance to experience playing a musical instrument.   If they are interested, they can take band or strings when they enter the 5th grade.  The music program is free.  It will be held January 29th through April 25th at McCarter Elementary, Chase Middle School and Jardine Middle School.  It is limited to 80 students.

Parents should fill out the after school music program form which was sent home with 4th grade students.  Return it to the music teacher at your child’s school.

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