Topeka High Student Becomes First to Give Capstone Presentation

The International Studies Program began at Topeka High School last year.    The program spans multiple courses and languages to give students a more global education.  Before a student can graduate with an International Studies Program endorsement, they must present what they have learned on a particular subject before a panel of evaluators.  Mimi Morrissey's evaluators included Superintendent Dr. Julie Ford, Board of Education President Patrick Woods and Topeka High Principal Dr. Linda Wiley.

Morrissey became the first Topeka High student to give her capstone presentation.  It is the culmination of a lot of work.  “It took over a semester, at least ten teachers to get the ideas down and the rest was countless hours with other people,” said Morrissey.  Topeka High teacher Dustin Rimmey says about Mimi’s presentation, “This is the crown jewel in that she gets to show us what she learned.”  Morrissey and another student are expected to become the first two students to graduate with the International Studies endorsement this May.

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