School Security & Safety

Topeka Public Schools want parents and the public to know that the safety of our students is always a top priority.   The school district has upgraded its security system and related programs over the past several years. The upgrade includes controlled entrances at all schools, cameras and door lock systems, crisis training of school officials and updated school and district crisis plans.  Students and staff also go through various crisis-related drills.  Below is action that Topeka Public Schools has taken to improve the security and safety of students.

  • Last summer, a number of district officials attended the Emergency Management Institute’s Multi-Hazard for School Training in Maryland. 
  • Upon their return, the district and school emergency operations plans were updated in August of this year.
  • All schools now have secured entryways.  A visitor must be buzzed in to gain entrance to a school.
  • Visitors must sign in and wear a visitors badge while at the school.
  • All schools practice the following drills:  fire, tornado, bus evacuation, lock down, shelter in place, secure campus and off site evacuation and unification.
  • All school principals have had ICS 100 for school emergency management training.
  • All school principals will have ICS 200 emergency management training in the coming months.
  • District administrators and principals hold table top exercises dealing with crisis situations.
  • Some schools have camera systems.  Cameras are being added at other schools in the district.
  • High schools and middle schools have School Resource Officers and or Campus Police Officers on site.

  • Yesterday, principals received an update on our bullying prevention program.  Part of the training dealt with school shootings. 
  • School district law enforcement and administrators will review the Connecticut school shooting and see if there is anything additionally we can do to protect students while at school.
  • School police presence at elementary schools will be heightened next week to help reassure students and parents due to today’s school shooting

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