Little Library Very Popular

Neighborhood book exchanges are popping up all across the country.  One of the latest is at the Pine Ridge Prep pre-school in east Topeka, the idea of Sheyvette Dinkens, founder of Women’s Empowerment Inc.  She wanted to make books easily available to residents in the Pine Ridge area.  A mother volunteered to paint the small wooden box that houses the books, the Topeka Housing Authority installed it in the front yard of Pine Ridge prep.  Anyone can take a book, read it and return it or they can return a different book.  It has been a popular addition to the neighborhood.  “We have been really surprised at all the community support,” said Pine Ridge Site Coordinator Shanna Russell.  “Parents have been using it like crazy.  Middle school and high school students use it when they get off the bus.  We have had a lot of people donate books.  It’s turning out really well.”