Trikke Fitness is Fun at Scott Magnet

Scott P.E. teacher Pat Nash (second from left) and students.

Scott Magnet students are excited about a new fitness activity introduced by P.E. teacher Pat Nash. Two times each week, a group of fifth grade girls convene after school to go on a Trikke ride on the Shunga Trail. The Trikke is a combination of a bike and a scooter. “The Trikke program is an activity that gets kids excited and active at a young age doing something they love and that is also good for them,” says Nash.

Last school year, Nash was able to borrow a set of Trikkes to use in her classroom as part of a unit focusing on a variety of riding vehicles. “The unit was a huge success and by far the best unit I have ever presented to my students,” Nash says.  “As a physical education teacher, I am always looking outside the box to encourage kids to move.” Erica, a Scott fifth grade student, says, “It is fun and a good way to get exercise.”

In October, Nash was notified that she had received a grant from the Topeka Public Schools Foundation to purchase six Trikkes.

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