Seat Belt Competition is Learning Experience For Students

How fast can you unbuckle a seat belt in a police car, get out of the car and run to the other side, then buckle up again?  That was the challenge for some French Middle School 8th grade students today.  Every Friday, students in Dianna Shinn’s advisor base class have some kind of competition with other AB classes.  This time it involved a seat belt competition.  “It’s a great way for them (students) to build rapport with the police and learn about seat belt safety,” said Shinn.  School resource officers assisted with the competition which was well received by students.  “It was a learning experience,” said 8th grader Lincoln Jennings.  “I got to see what was in the police car and it was really fun because I’ve never been in one before.”  “It was hard, but it was easy because if you don’t pick it up you might lose your life,” said 8th grader Kaleya Sizemore.

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