Hope Street Students Volunteer to Help Others

Helping others is what this time of year is all about.  At Hope Street Academy, students are again volunteering to help the younger generation enjoy the Festival of Trees.  “Hope Street has a volunteer group called United Hope,” said Hope Street Social Worker Amy Whittaker.  “Any student who wants to volunteer is welcome.  They do need to show leadership skills in the way of their grades and how they behave at school.”

On this particular day, the Hope Street students were assisting young children from the Sheldon Child Development Center.  “We help the kids with little projects, handing out snacks etc.,” said Hope Street senior Brooke Shinn.  “I really enjoy it.  I love the kids.”  This is the first year Brooke has been involved in volunteering at the Festival of Trees.  The United Hope volunteer students have been helping the past seven or eight years at the Festival of Trees.  They also volunteer at the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City as well as other activities in the Topeka area.

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