Did You Know. . . TPS Has a Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team?

The original District Crisis Intervention Team Plan was written by Bob Clark and first approved by the Topeka Public School Board in 1988. The format of this plan was updated in February of 2012 to comply with the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. This new plan includes a District Mental Health Crisis Intervention Plan that provides services to schools through a Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team that includes counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers. The team provides building and district level mental health support

·         when there is a staff or student death in the building or outside the building,
·         with suicide prevention training and suicide prevention support,
·         when a staff member loses a family member,
·         when threats occur in a building or the district, and
·         when psychological first aid is requested.  

The Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team services are typically requested by the principals; however, the team is always available for consultation. Meg Braun (235-7602) and Steve Greer (235-7601) chair the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team and are available at the principal’s request.

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