20/30 Club Grant For Special Classroom

A $3,000 grant from the Topeka Active 20/30 Club is helping a Topeka High School student continue his program to help special needs students at the school.  The Topeka Active 20/30 grant came about through the Topeka Public Schools Foundation.  Foundation Executive Director Pamela Johnson-Betts said, "The impetus for seeking funding and a major driver of this project is a Topeka High School student named Jack Hishmeh along with some support from his mom, Cheryl and the Topeka High School Special Opps (special opportunity for all students) club he founded." She noted, "His determination and extraordinary caring for others is leading the way to make this project a financial reality."

The plan is to do a Special Opps classroom makeover so that special needs students at Topeka High have a class room that is welcoming and has activities to encourage interaction. Through funding contributions, the special education class room makeover will include development of a lounge area to promote relationships and relaxing together with games and activities, a kitchen area that will give special needs students access to learning life skills with other students, new paint, carpet and window treatments.

The grant from the Topeka Active 20/30 Club will help move the project through phase two of the project. Lowes Home Improvement has been a great supporter and is assisting in development of the project along with the Junior League of Topeka, Russ Ball Cabinets and several individual donors. More donations are needed to help finish the project and can be submitted to the Topeka Public Schools Foundation, a 501 c (3) organization at PO Box 5883, Topeka, KS 66605.

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