Teacher Awarded $1,000 in School Supplies

Whitson ELL teacher Karen Wurtz has a new chair to sit in and a lot of school supplies for her students.  She was chosen to receive $1,000 in school supplies from OfficeMax as part of the company’s A Day Made Better Program.  Wurtz, who has taught for 33 years, did not know that she was being selected to win the school supplies.  “It is awesome that OfficeMax supports public education.  This is a really obvious way they do it, obvious to the public,” said Wurtz.
Topeka OfficeMax Manager Nick DeLong said that this is the 6th year that a local school has been awarded school supplies.  The schools targeted are ones that have more them half of their students who come from low income homes.  In addition to giving a teacher $1,000 in school supplies, Long said an additional $2,500 in school supplies was given to the other teachers at Whitson Elementary.  The money came from Office Maxx and its customers.

Since 2007, A Day Made Better and other OfficeMax programs have contributed more than $18 million in grants and school supplies to more than 29,000 teachers nationwide.

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