Parents As Teachers Award

Congratulations to the Topeka Public Schools’ Parents as Teachers program for receiving the 2012 Losos Award for Excellence.  The award acknowledges creative initiatives that advance the Parents as Teachers vision.  The award is named in honor of Carolyn Losos, a lifetime early childhood proponent.

Scott Hippert, President of Parents as Teachers, visited the Pine Ridge Partnership project in Topeka earlier this year.  He was impressed by the partnership between Parents as Teachers and the Topeka Housing Authority which lead to the Pine Ridge facility in east Topeka.

Leslie Petty and Sally Wright talked about the Pine Ridge Partnership at a conference in St. Louis last week.  The two will be recognized for the Pine Ridge Partnership at the National Parents as Teachers conference in St. Louis next month.

Pine Ridge serves youngsters birth to five and their parents who live in the Pine Ridge neighborhood.  The facility provides information on parenting, helps parents with questions about their youngsters, provides a playtime for parents and their children, assists families with health and community services and helps parents find employment.

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