Students Return to School

Elementary and some middle and high school students returned to school today after a hot summer vacation.  At the elementary schools, kids waited for the doors to open, excited about seeing their new teacher.  It was extra special at Ross and State Street Elementary Schools, which now have a number of new class rooms due to recent construction projects at the schools.
At the middle schools, only the in-coming 6th grade students were at school today.  For them, it was the first day finding their way around their new school, trying to locate their lockers and going from class to class. 
It was the same story in the high schools where only the freshmen showed up today so that they could also learn how to get around the big schools.  Upper classmen were there to assist each student and make the transition a little easier.
Tomorrow, the 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will end their summer vacation and return to school.

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