Troubled Area Near High School Cleaned Up

An area of trees and heavy brush near Highland Park High School that had been a drawing card for students skipping school and illegal activities is gone.  On June 8, the sounds of power saws could be heard as TPS campus police, school resource officers and community partners cleared many of the trees and brush from the area just south of the school.  Highland Park School Resource Officer Larry Gonzales said the area was thick with trees, heavy vegetation and poison ivy and had been a nuisance for criminal activity.  “We want to clean it up so people from the streets can see what’s going on and contact police.  It also sends a message that this is private property,” said Gonzalez.
This is not the first project to clean up areas around the high school.  Last year, trees and brush that had grown around several houses west of the school were cleared.  Art students made colorful doors and windows for those  houses. 

These are examples of CPTED, which stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

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