Equine Education

Some Robinson Middle Schools know a lot more about how to take care of horses after they helped out at the Shooting Star Equine Rescue ranch south of Topeka recently.   Student council members from the school spent a morning grooming, worming and taking care of the horses as well as doing some fence building.  
According to Careen Cain, a social worker in Topeka Public Schools, this was an opportunity for the kids to learn about the care needed for the horses.  Many of the horses were brought to the ranch after being abused or neglected.  Cain, who founded Shooting Star, hopes the students got a positive experience from being around the horses.  “Equine therapy is a great tool for people of all ages who have had to cope with change, trauma or difficult life situations.  Working with and around horses can open up new avenues for communication change and growth,” said Cain.  After a hard morning of work, the students were treated to a picnic lunch.

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