Westar Energy Partners with TPS

Topeka Public Schools and Westar Energy have entered into a partnership that will provide college and career pathway opportunities for students. The agreement was signed by both groups during a break in tonight’s school board meeting.

The agreement calls for Topeka Public Schools and Westar Energy to work together to design a program for students of Topeka Public Schools focused on engineering (energy), environmental science and technical careers. At the elementary level, the program will focus on career exploration. At the middle school level, the program will focus on career awareness. At the high school level, the program will create a pathway for students to work toward a technical career or a career in the engineering or environmental science fields.

The agreement also calls for expanding TPS’s Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas offerings to additional high schools and increase Westar involvement in the program, provide students the opportunity to job shadow in the Westar “Electrify Your Future” program and the creation of a scholarship fund for post-secondary engineering, environmental science or business degrees for TPS graduates.

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