TPS Reports Crime Program Begins

Topeka Public Schools has taken many initiatives to make sure students are safe while at school, now the school district is hoping to make Topeka a safer community. This morning, the school district announced its TPS Reports Crime Program. “Topeka Public Schools has a large number of drivers on the streets every day from bus drivers to delivery drivers to administrators visiting schools,” said TPS Director of School Safety Ron Brown. "They will receive training on what to look for and how to report crimes they see". Soon, many of the school district’s vehicles will have stickers saying Topeka Public Schools Reports Crime along with a phone number to call. “The stickers will serve as a visual reminder that Topeka Public Schools is committed to crime reduction to make Topeka the safest capital city in America,” said Brown.

The TPS Reports Crime initiative is a partnership that involves Crime Stoppers, SafeStreets and the Topeka Police Department.

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