TPS Living the Dream Contest Winners

TPS students participated in various contests and activities this month. Here are the Living the Dream contest winners:

Essay Contest Winners

First-Second Grade
1st Place – Lorraine De La Isla, Randolph Elementary
2nd Place – Anthony Reed, Scott Magnet
3rd Place – Brooklyn Fanning, Meadows Elementary

Third-Fourth Grade
1st Place – Jorge Soto, Scott Magnet
2nd Place – Francisco Ventura-Cruz, Whitson Elementary

Eleventh-Twelfth Grade
2nd Place – Jasmine Colvin, Topeka West High School

Poetry Contest Winners

Fifth-Sixth Grade
1st Place – Levi Braun, Whitson Elementary
2nd Place – Hall Harrison, Whitson Elementary
3rd Place – Gregory Van Dyke, Jr. – Whitson Elementary

Eleventh-Twelfth Grade
1st Place – Byron Lewis, IV, Topeka High School

Art Contest Winners

Third-Fourth Grade
1st Place – Humphry Isiah De Castillo, Avondale West Elementary
1st Place – Ruth Providence Hockenbarger, Whitson Elementary

Fifth-Sixth Grade
1st Place – Jolie Regnier, Robinson Middle School
3rd Place – Tory Blosser, Whitson Elementary

Eleventh-Twelfth Grade
2nd Place – Alessandra Politi, Topeka High School
3rd Place – Hilary Rosacker, Topeka High School

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