KS Notable Events Unveiled at Topeka High School

Topeka High School forensics students this morning helped Governor Sam Brownback unveil the top 12 notable events in Kansas history. The event, held at Topeka High School, comes at the end of a year-long celebration of the Kansas sesquicentennial.

The twelve events are, in chronological order:

September 1, 1821 – First party leaves Missouri headed for Mexico on the Santa Fe Trail

November 4, 1838 – Potawatomi Trail of death ends in Kansas

May 30, 1854 – Kansas-Nebraska Act signed into law by President Franklin Pierce

February 11, 1859 – The Santa Fe Railway is chartered by the Kansas Territorial Legislature

July 5, 1859 – Women’s rights included in discussions of Wyandotte Constitution

March 5, 1862 – The Kansas Legislature formed the Kansas Agricultural Society

September 5, 1867 – The first load of cattle is shipped via rail from Kansas

January 1, 1881 – Kansas adopts prohibition as part of the state’s constitution

January 26, 1925 – Travel Air Manufacturing Company established in Wichita

April 14, 1935 – A massive front darkens the entire Midwest in clouds of dust on Black Sunday

April 1, 1938 – Rural electrification reaches Kansas

May 17, 1954 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules on Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

You can learn more about these events at kansapedia.org

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