TPS & Valeo Partnership

The Board of Education of Topeka Public Schools tonight approved the sale of three acres of land to Valeo Behavioral Health Care. The property is located on the west side of Hummer Sports Park and is adjacent to the current Valeo facility at 330 Oakley.

“The board of directors of Valeo is very excited about this opportunity to work with Topeka Public Schools,” said Valeo Chairman of the Board Allan Towle. “We have been looking for some time at the need to expand our services. Clearly there is a need in the community. We are busting at the seams in our facilities. Frankly, this property fits perfect for what we are looking for. It is right next door to what we are doing, so it is very easy access to our clientele as well as allows us to build a facility that will meet our needs and the needs to come for the Topeka community.”

Board of Education President Patrick Woods said of the agreement, “This represents yet another partnership here in Topeka. Through benefits such as the expanded opportunities for Valeo professionals to establish mentor and volunteer relationship with our schools, this deal will yield positive returns for our students and the community.”

“We are looking forward to partnering with Topeka Public Schools and the benefits it provides for the behavioral health side of the community. This will allow us to increase services to the adult population in Shawnee County, many of whom have children in Topeka Public Schools. This will enhance the quality of life for children,” said Valeo Chief Executive Officer Glea Ashley.

This transaction is more than just a real estate deal, according to Deputy Superintendent Larry Robbins. “It’s another means for us to look for ways to improve educational opportunities for our students. We plan to use the property at Kanza to help fulfill our educational mission and to create business partnerships linking them to Topeka Public Schools. We are always going to be very alert to pursue ventures such as this that will benefit our students.”

Allan Towle says there is another way Valeo will partner with Topeka Public Schools. “I think there are some really good opportunities for us to work directly with Topeka Public Schools when there are sports activities going on at Hummer Sports Park. We are going to make sure there is availability for the parking of buses for the visiting teams. We are also looking at other places where we can partner with Topeka Public Schools to find ways we can share our knowledge with students in a manner that is appropriate, which allows them to learn how to run a business in Topeka.”

The purchase price of the land is $431,000. The cost includes the demolition of West Hall which now stands on the property. Valeo plans to expand its crisis unit and build a 27-bed facility at the location within two years. That would be in addition to the 17 bed facility now located at 2401 SW 6th Street. The partnership between the two organizations also encourages Valeo staff to volunteer in Topeka Public Schools.

Valeo Behavorial Health Care is a private non-profit organization which has provided mental health and substance abuse treatment services in Topeka since 1967. It is the designated mental health authority for public mental health, serving adults in Shawnee County. Valeo offers community-based care in the areas of crisis, outpatient psychotherapy and medical, community support services, substance and gambling addiction treatment and residential programs at eight locations throughout Topeka. Valeo employs approximately 330 people.

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