TPS Celebrates School Board Leaders in January

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Topeka Public Schools is joining school districts across the state to thank these community volunteers for their untiring dedication to public education.

"Being a school board member is sometimes described as one of the toughest volunteer jobs in America. Yet, Kansas public school board members dedicate countless hours to attending meetings, school functions, and hours of preparation for the decisions they make," said Superintendent Dr. Julie Ford. "They participate in professional development to stay on top of the the ever changing education landscape and issues relating to education. Our schools and community are better because of these individuals."

It is an exciting yet challenging time in public education. TPS school board members develop policies and make tough decisions to help shape the future of the education system. They bear responsibility and oversight for an annual budget, for the students and employees and for the buildings.

Thank a board member today. More information about TPS board members can be found here

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