Educators Honored for Possibilities in Action Partner Award

The School Psychologists from Topeka Public Schools announced that Greta Johnston, Pam Kobbeman, Linda O’Keeffe, Lori Roenbaugh, Susan Ross, and Deborah Sidwell were honored with the Possibilities in Action Partner Award at the Topeka Public Schools December 1st school board meeting at Burnett Center. Greta Johnston is a Speech Language Pathologist, Pam Kobbeman is a McEachron Special Education Teacher, Linda O’Keeffe is the Records Coordinator, Lori Roenbaugh is the Topeka High School Special Education Chairperson, Susan Ross is a Landon/Eisenhower Middle School Counselor, and Deborah Sidwell is the Scott Elementary Principal.

The Possibilities in Action Partner Program is part of National Association of School Psychologists’ ongoing effort to help school psychologists promote children’s success in school and life, to improve collaboration within the school community, and to help highlight the education community’s exceptional efforts to educate and support the development of all children. School psychology partners are people who, either through their own efforts or by encouraging the efforts of others, make an exceptional difference in the lives of students and families.

In general, the Possibilities in Actions Partner award winners possess the following attributes:

• Extraordinary personal or professional dedication to improving outcomes for students
• Outstanding professional functioning and effectiveness
• Effective advocacy for public policy that supports needed services for children and families
• Commitment to effective collaboration with school psychologists and other student services staff
• Long-term dedication to advocacy on behalf of individual students

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