Students Serve at Rescue Mission

While many young people were preparing to go trick or treating Monday night, some Landon Middle School students were preparing to help serve meals at the Topeka Rescue Mission. Some of the students poured drinks, others made sure there were plenty of condiments available while others were on the serving line.

The idea to help at the rescue mission came about at a student council meeting where students were asked about how to give back to the community. Serving at the rescue mission came up, but only Halloween night was available to them. That did not prevent students from wanting to help at the mission. Seventh grade student Julia Allen said it was a fun thing to do. “It’s really nice that all of us girls are giving away our Halloween to help out these people who need our help.”

Jennifer Stallbaumer, the student council sponsor, agreed. “They are very enthusiastic about being here. They made signs to hang around the school and together they encouraged their peers to donate macaroni and cheese and jars of peanut butter.” Students collected 242 boxes of macaroni and cheese and 115 pounds of peanut butter to give to the rescue mission.

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