Market Day at Topeka West High School

What’s it like to operate a business? You can ask the students who took part in the Youth Entrepreneur Market Day at Topeka West High School yesterday. The 26 students in Mary Middleton’s class set up tables over the noon hour in the school courtyard to sell various foods to hungry students. Middleton says the yearly event gives students the experience of running a business for a day. “They have to do the marketing, they have to do the financial planning, they have to do the shopping and preparing. They do everything.”

Matthew Taylor was one of the students selling food. The senior says Market Day is a great experience. “I’m majoring in entrepreneurship at Kansas State University next year. This is just showing me what it takes to start a business.”

The entrepreneurship class and advanced entrepreneurship classes are available to juniors and seniors only. The classes fulfill part of the requirement for students to graduate from Topeka West High School.

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