Gronquist Renews National Board Certification

Topeka High teacher Paul Gronquist recently met the requirements to renew his 10-year National Board Certification. He is one of two nationally board certified teachers in TPS. The other is State Street teacher Kari Ritter.

"This process of board certification is very much like how a doctor becomes certified in a special area," said Dr. Roger Caswell of Emporia State University. "This is voluntary--no state, school district, or program is demanding that a teacher go through this process."

While the national board process is often misunderstood to mean a teacher passed a test or was nominated for the award, Caswell explains the certification is a different kind of honor. Teachers must submit extensive documentation of their instruction, including videos of their studetns at work in the classroom.

Kansas currently has a total of 318 national board certified teachers.

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