Vaughn Goes Above & Beyond For HPHS Students

Otto Vaughn wants to make sure that students go to class and do the right thing. For more than 20 years, he has been spreading that message to the students of Highland Park High School where he volunteers several days a week. It is also why Otto is the latest Above & Beyond Award winner.

Vaughn knows that if students see you and get to know you, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. “I try to encourage them to go to class and do the things that are going to help them in life,” said Vaughn. Besides being a familiar site in the lunch room, Vaughn can be found at school assemblies and at sporting events.

Highland Park High School Principal Dr. Beryl New appreciates the time that Vaughn spends with the students at her school. “He shares a wealth of wisdom and life experiences with students who may lack the support of a wise father or grandfather,” said New. Vaughn serves on the SITE team and participates on the Elders Council at HPHS.

If you know of a person who goes above and beyond in serving our students, nominate them for the monthly Above & Beyond Award. You’ll find a nomination form on the district website under staff/forms for staff/district program forms.

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