Schools Make Standard of Excellence

The Kansas State Department of Education today released a list of Kansas schools achieving the State Standard of Excellence. Schools making the list include Shaner Elementary, Linn Elementary, Bishop Elementary, McCarter Elementary, Meadows Elementary, Randolph Elementary, Stout Elementary and Williams Magnet School.

To receive a Standard of Excellence in reading for grades 3-6, at least 25% of students must be in the exemplary category on the state assessment. To receive the same standard in math for grades 3-6, at least 25% of students must also be in the exemplary category on state testing. For a grade or building to receive a Standard of Excellence in reading or math, the building must make AYP in the “All Students” group.

Listed below are the schools, the subject they received the Standard of Excellence in and the grade or building level.

Shaner Elementary, Math, 4th grade
Linn Elementary, Reading 5th grade
Bishop Elementary, Math, 5th grade
McCarter Elementary, Reading, 5th grade
McCarter Elementary, Math, 5th grade
McCarter, Math, Building-Wide
Meadows Elementary, Reading, 4th grade
Randolph Elementary, Reading, 3rd grade
Randolph Elementary, Reading, Building-Wide
Randolph Elementary, Math, 4th grade
Randolph Elementary, Math, 5th grade
Randolph Elementary, Math, Building-Wide
Stout Elementary, Reading, 4th grade
Stout Elementary, Reading, Building-Wide
Stout Elementary, Math, 4th grade
Stout Elementary, Math, Building-Wide
Williams Magnet, Math, 5th grade

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