Board to Recognize 25-Year Employees

The Topeka Public Schools Board of Education will host a reception on Thursday, Nov. 17 to honor employees who have given 25 years of service to Topeka Public Schools. The reception will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Avondale West Elementary, 3229 SW Westview. A recognition ceremony will be held at the beginning of the Board meeting which begins at 6 p.m.

Those to be honored include:

John Barber, School Police
Janet Belknap, Highland Park Central Elementary
Lorie Booher, Topeka West High School
Gerald Boster, Quincy Elementary
Patrick Brewster, Topeka High School
Katherine Davis, Williams Magnet
Christopher Gomez, Service Center
Sandy Hanson, Lundgren Center
Rhonda Hendricks, Lowman Hill Elementary
Rhonda Larscheid, Robinson Middle School
Richard Mariani, Topeka West High School
Martin Moreno, Topeka High School
Michael Patzer, Jardine Middle School
Lori Roenbaugh, Topeka High School
Claudia Shover-Daily, Topeka High School
Julee Smail, Topeka West High School
Lori Spencer, McCarter Elementary
Stephanie Perez, Parents as Teachers
Terry Stanley, Williams Magnet
Mary VanDorn, Quincy Elementary
Lois Waldo, Lundgren Center/Randolph Elementary

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