THS Teacher Elected to Camera Club Position

Scott Udey, Photography Teacher at Topeka High School since 1997, was nominated and elected to the position of Region 1 Director of North Central Camera Club Council (N4C). N4C consists of 40 photography clubs including Topeka Camera Club where Scott has been the President for several years. This appointment is a four-year commitment where each year he will move up in position and responsibility until he is president of the N4C his last year. He was appointed to this position this Sept. 10, at the 2011 N4CConvention here in Topeka hosted by the Topeka Camera Club.

The Topeka Camera Club spent two years planning for the convention of photography seminars under Scott’s leadership. The club meets once or twice a month to talk about photography and critique each other’s work. For more information about these organization go to or .

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