Students Attend Construction Career Expo Day

Where will the highway, construction and transportation workers of tomorrow come from? The answer may be students from Topeka Public Schools. More than 1,400 high school and middle school students from Topeka Public Schools attended the Kansas Department of Transportation’s first Construction Career Expo Day at the Kansas Expocentre.

Students were able to get an up close look at KDOT trucks, backhoes and other equipment. They also got to see what it was like to operate the equipment. Construction companies had booths set up to promote careers in their industry. A career learning center was set up for junior and senior students.

“We are overwhelmed by the turnout, it was amazing,” said Kimberly Qualls of KDOT. “To get 1,400 students on a first year event and get them through and get exhibitors and sponsors, it was phenomenal.”

Each student receive an event t-shirt and lunch. Federal grants and sponsors paid for bus transportation to get students to the event.

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