Food Service Staff Losing Weight

Students at Meadows Elementary School are frequent users of the running and walking track which encircles their school playground. Students at the school even have a running club which uses the track. Now, food service workers at Meadows are joining in the effort to get healthy. Each weekday morning, the workers take a brief break and walk around the track. Food Service Manager Amber Wiltz began eating better and exercising after she went through cancer. She encouraged her staff to join her for a daily walk. “I decided this year at 9:30 every day we were all going to take a walk break. We walk a mile a day.”

Tonja Widow is one of the food service workers who know that walking can help you feel better and look better. Besides walking the Meadows track in the morning, she also tries to walk before and after school and it is paying off. Tonja has lost 39 pounds in the past two months. All of the food service staff who walk the Meadows track have lost weight.

Topeka Public Schools encourages students and staff to exercise, eat right and live a healthy life. It helps keep health care costs down and it’s the right thing to do.

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