Closed Schools Get New Purpose

Residents who live near Quinton Heights, Lundgren and Linn Elementary Schools won’t have to worry about those schools sitting empty. The board of education voted to close the three schools at the end of the school year as part of cost cutting measures.

Today, board members voted unanimously to move other district programs and departments into those schools. The recommendation for the repurposing of the three schools came from a group of school administrators who have been meeting over the past several weeks. The board of education approved their recommendations.

Quinton Heights Elementary, at 2331 SW Topeka, will become the new home for Parkdale Preschool, Parents as Teachers, English Language Learners Migrant Program and the staff from the Holland Audiology Department. Combining those areas in one location will allow for collaboration between Parents as Teachers and the Early Childhood Special Education Program, give students access to a gymnasium, provide bilingual services to parents and Quinton Heights is centrally located.

Lundgren Elementary School, at 1020 NE Forest, will house special education services that are now located in the Holland Center next to Topeka High School. Some of the Parkdale Preschool staff will also call Lundgren home. Lundgren will provide a much improved environment for Holland employees. It will also provide a space for professional development and training of teachers and staff and allow for all special education records to be in one location.

Title 1 services will be moving into Linn Elementary School, which is located at 200 SE 40th. Title 1 is currently located in several buildings near Hummer Sports Park. The Second Chance Program will also be located at Linn.

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