Robotics Program at HPHS

Highland Park High School will be the location for an advance automation robotics program this coming school year. The Board of Education of Topeka Public Schools approved a contract with Go Topeka to make the course a reality. The course will be available to students in all high schools in Topeka Public Schools. An adult education course will also be offered.

“With this particular course, we have an opportunity to support what is happening through our local chamber of commerce in recruiting outside business and it provides our students and our adult population with some job ready skills,” said Larry Robbins, Deputy Superintendent of Operations.

School board member Peg McCarthy said kids are always saying why do I need to know this. “They will get to apply the science, the math and reading skills they are learning and something that is immediately going to turn around into employment. I think it is fantastic,” said McCarthy

Students or adults who complete the robotics course will be eligible for industry certification with the job ready title of technician, operator or basic programmer. Hallmark Cards already uses robotics in its Topeka facility. Frito Lay expects to be using robotics in the near future.

Go Topeka is involved through its Entrepreneurial and Minority Business Development Program. Go Topeka will fund $250,000 of the program with Topeka Public Schools matching it with money from the School Improvement Grant which Highland Park received this year.

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