Custodians Honored for Clean Schools

Keeping schools clean is the primary job of custodians in Topeka Public Schools. This morning, three custodians were recognized for the outstanding job they are doing. Linda Palmore of Lundgren Elementary School, Scott Larsen of Landon Middle School and Fernando Borrego of the Lucinda Todd Educational Center were each given a trophy. The traveling trophy can be displayed in their school this coming school year.

Chris Albert, general director of central services and facilities, started the award program this year. Janitors are given points for each area of their school that meets district standards. A trophy is given in the elementary school, middle school and high school category.

Deputy Superintendent of Operations Larry Robbins handed out the trophies to the winners. He recognized them for the tremendous improvement in the look of our schools this year. “You play a very important role in the success of Topeka Public Schools and this trophy is just one small way for us to recognize you,” said Robbins.

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