Possible School Closings Discussed

Topeka Public Schools is facing a potential $5.2 million budget cut this year due to a continuing drop in state aid per pupil. The amount of money the district will receive this year for each student is the same amount as it was in 1992.

The budget and potential school closings were talked about at the March 17th board of education meeting. Executive Director of Operations Larry Robbins said one consideration being looked at would close three elementary schools this year. The schools mentioned were Quinton Heights, Linn and Lundgren. The three are among the smallest in the district, each with less than 200 students.

Robbins told board members that students from Quinton Heights would go to one of four school; Meadows, Williams, Stout or Highland Park Central. Linn students would attend Avondale East and Lundgren students would go to State Street. Fifth grade students from Avondale East and Linn would attend Eisenhower Middle School while fifth grade students from Lundgren would attend Chase Middle School.

The closing of the three schools could save the district about $1.5 million. Robbins said a fourth elementary school, Avondale East, could close at the end of the 2011-2012 school year.

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Singer will give board members his recommendations for school closings at the April 7th board of education meeting.

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