TPS Foundation Launches Major Saver Campaign

The Topeka Public Schools Foundation 2011 “Major Saver” discount cards will go on sale February 18. The public will have an opportunity to purchase the discount card for $10 from a Topeka Public Schools student/family or directly from the school or by calling the Foundation Office at 785.295.3061.

The Major Saver cards include discounts on purchases at 15 local restaurants. The discounts are valid one time at each location. These businesses support the Topeka Public Schools by sponsoring this important program.

Last year, the Major Saver program generated over $52,000 for the Topeka Public Schools Foundation and Topeka Public Schools. Since 2009, the Major Saver campaign has raised over $104,000 in revenues to benefit TPS. The Foundation helps support students and teachers in activities and events. Since the foundation’s inception, it has given educational support to elementary, middle and high schools for educational programs and has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors. Each participating school will also receive a portion of the funds raised.

The dates that you may purchase Major Saver Cards are February 18 through March 4, 2011.

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