Students Help With Nepal Library

Bishop Elementary students have learned how fortunate they are to have a nice school library filled with hundreds of books. A one room school in rural Nepal has no library, no electricity and students only have rough, wooden desks. Seniors in Buhler High School near Hutchinson decided as a class project to raise money to build a library and stock it with books. The Bishop connection happened because 5th grade teacher Michael Knapp’s father is a teacher at Buhler High.

Bishop Principal Amanda Czechanski said the original goal of her school was to collect 300 books, approximately one for every student who attends the school. Response from students, parents and staff was overwhelming. The school collected more than 1,700 books. How do the Bishop students feel about the outpouring of books? “They feel really good, but it doesn’t really register. They look at our library or books at home, they don’t understand that these books are the only books this school is going to have,” said Knapp.

Third grade teacher Tara Martin said some of her students wrote about the book drive when they wrote a letter to their parents for parent-teacher conferences. “A lot of my children put we have changed the world in Nepal, “said Martin.

The books will be taken to Buhler and eventually end up half way around the world. The books will be used by the Nepal teacher to help his students learn to speak and read English.

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