Students Give Up Old Jeans

It’s difficult for a teenager to give up a good old pair of jeans, but that’s exactly what Highland Park High School students have been doing lately. Freshmen English teacher Juli Watson found out that Aeropostale, a national clothing store, was collecting jeans for homeless teenagers. She decided to get students in her English class involved. They put up posters around school and began bringing in some of their old jeans. It caught on with other students until now more than 350 jeans have been donated by students and staff. “Probably half of my students have brought at least one pair of jeans so far,” said Watson. Freshman Kamanni Shabazz was surprised at the response of her fellow students. “They are kind of in shock because they didn’t expect anyone to do it, but there is a bunch of people who did.” You can donate new or used jeans of any size by taking them to the main office at Highland Park High School.

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