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Students from Topeka Public Schools were involved in a number of events to celebrate Living the Dream week as part of activities surrounding Dr. Marin Luther King Junior Day. Students were awarded for entering the essay, art and poetry competition. Some students were involved in the Druming for the Drum Major performance at TPAC. Several hundred middle and high school students also attended the Stop the Violence Day celebration to listen to motivational speaker Byron Embry.

Living the Dream Contest Winners – Topeka Public Schools

Essay Competition

1st and 2nd grade
1st place – Jude Fletcher Wright (Quinton Heights Elementary)

3rd and 4th grade
3rd place – Hailey Zimmerman (Whitson Elementary)

9th and 10th grade
3rd place – Andy Bird

11th & 12th grade
1st place – Aliyah Durant (Highland Park High School)
3rd place – Heloice Steele (Highland Park High School)

Art Contest

1st and 2nd grade
1st place – Humphry Isaiah Del Castillo (Avondale West Elementary)
2nd place – Kaitlyn Haffener (Randolph Elementary)
3rd place – Taryn Dial (Randolph Elementary)

5th and 6th grade
1st place – Alora Wilder (Whitson Elementary)
2nd place – Jose Paredes (Whitson Elementary)
3rd place – Josh Saskowski (Whitson Elementary)

7th and 8th grade
3rd place – Bryson Brown (Landon Middle School)

11th and 12th grade
1st place – Carlos Basso (Topeka High School)
3rd place - Amber Edgett (Highland Park High School)

Poetry Competition

11th and 12th grade
2nd place – Ameka Tell (Topeka High School)

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