Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Early Childhood Director Becomes Author

Dr. Martina (Tina) Thompson has dedicated her life to serving children of all ages. She is Director of Early Childhood Development for Topeka Public Schools and now is an author of a children’s picture book. She says she has always loved reading books with rhyme, especially Dr. Seuss. About two years ago, she began playing with rhyming verses. She says it was not a conscious attempt to write a specific story, it just sort of flowed into a story. “The time went very fast when I was working. It was like I was in this very creative, fun place." She needed a main character to tell the story and since animals are appealing to many children, she decided to make her dog, Carly, the main character of her book. Since the book was all about the color blue, she titled the book, Carly Likes Blue.

Like most first time authors, she had to find an illustrator. She found just the right person, Mike Motz, through research on the internet. She has received many compliments about the illustrations in her book. She also decided to self-publish after a rejection from a traditional book publisher. She was determined to get her story in print so she spent the money to make it happen. “I don’t expect to get rich on this book. I wanted it in the hands of kids and families because it is a fun story with a cute character,” said Tina.

Tina will have a book signing at Barnes and Noble on January 22nd. The paperback book is available on and the hardcover will soon be available on her website. Tina has already written two other books about Carly. She hopes to get them published in the near future.