Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hope Street Students Face Reality

Students at Hope Street Academy just got a dose of reality. The students participated in Reality U, a financial literacy program of Communities in Schools of Kansas. A few weeks ago, students filled out a survey of what they thought life would be like at age 26. They chose an occupation based on their interests. They had to determine if at age 26, they would be married or single, how many children they might have etc. Students were given a monthly income based on their chosen profession and grade point average. At Reality U, students visited tables where they had to pay for housing, utilities, daycare, food and other necessities of life. It was a reality check for students like Daphne Matheney-Lewis and Matthew Gage. “I see what my dad goes through. It’s a good experience. I’ve learned a lot,” said Daphne. Matthew said it made a big impact on him. “When you think your parents spend money you just think lights, cable, food and rent. When you are actually doing it yourself, it kind of gives you a bigger outlook on life.” Hope Street Academy is the first Topeka Public School to offer Reality U.