Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Message for Parents about PowerSchool

Dear Parent or Guardian of Middle & High School Students,

The Topeka Public School district is continuing our efforts to enhance communication with parent(s)/guardian(s). As of October 20th, you will have access to view your student’s grades, attendance and other information securely via the Internet using the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

At this time, only students enrolled at the middle and high school levels will have data accessible in the Parent Portal.

On October 20th, you will be able to access the Parent Portal by clicking on the PowerSchool link on the District's website (http://www.topekapublicschools.net). Located on this site are easy-to-follow instructions, actual screen shots of PowerSchool and other support documentation.

You will need to obtain a username and password for each student. Each parent/guardian will be required to provide your student’s school with photo identification and sign an agreement which will result in the distribution of a username and password. You may have already signed an agreement during enrollment.

You may obtain your username and password during your school’s parent conference night, which is scheduled to begin October 20th. Additionally, you can obtain PowerSchool access by contacting the school and arranging for a time after October 21st to present identification required for your individual PowerSchool access.

Each of your middle and high school students will have a unique username and password assigned to their records. Keep your password(s) confidential so only you will have access to the information. At any time you believe your password has been compromised, or if you do not want access to your student’s records through the Parent Portal, please contact the help desk at 438-4750.

Grades will be posted in the teacher grade book and viewed on the Parent Portal. Teachers are expected to regularly post assignments and grades in the PowerTeacher Gradebook. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to use the information on the Parent Portal to talk with their students about their progress in school.

Should you have any problems gaining access to the Parent Portal, contact your school’s office or the Help Desk located in the Information Technology Department at 438-4750.


Bill Bagshaw
General Director Curriculum & Instruction