Monday, September 13, 2010

Scouts Donate Flags at Statehouse Ceremony

The grounds of the Kansas Statehouse were a sea of red, white and blue on September 11. There was just enough wind to keep the 105 U.S. flags flying in the breeze. Early in the morning, boy scouts along with ROTC members from Topeka Public Schools, set the flag poles in place. The flags lined the four sides of the statehouse grounds. The 105 flags represent the 105 counties of Kansas. The boy scouts presented the flags to demonstrate the patriotism of the boy scouts on the organization’s 100th birthday this year.

A brief ceremony was held on the south steps of the Kansas Capitol to honor the victims of September 11, 2001. It included a moment of silence at that exact time nine years ago that a plane was flown into one of the Trade Center Towers. Dr. Kevin Singer, Superintendent of Topeka Public Schools, thanked Anderson Chandler for his generous donation that purchased the U.S. flags. The flags will be flown around the statehouse on holidays and special events.