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Bringing Lessons to Life: Alaskan Musher Visits Meadows Elementary School

When Diane Kimsey shared her plans to teach about dog sledding to her fourth grade class on Facebook, she had no idea a few months later she would have an Alaskan musher standing in her classroom.
Kimsey and her 22 Meadows Elementary students began their dog sled experience by reading Stone Fox by John Gardiner, a short children's book describing dog sledding and survival. After noticing that her students were very interested in learning more, Kimsey reached out to the Facebook community for suggestions on furthering their studies. Luckily, Facebook put her in touch with Debbie Menendez, a volunteer coordinator for the internationally recognized Alaskan Iditarod dog sled race. Mendez directed her to the Iditarod dog sled race website, where she found exciting resources and lesson plan materials to share with her eager students. 
Through the website's resources her students were able to track Iditarod mushers in real time. 

Kimsey explained,“We could see when they were resting, wh…